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We usually have stock of any books or DVDs that; Wallace & Stahl, Dougherty & Gray, or Partners For Excellence, stock. The number of references is growing rapidly so check out each of their websites regularly and contact us if you would like to purchase through Heenan Consulting.

Sales & Operations Planning Best Practices 2006

Phil Heenan was the contributing consultant for Chapter 14 outlining Amcor Flexible’s S&OP implementation. John Dougherty & Christopher Gray. 2006.

Sales & Operations Planning – The How To Handbook

The How to Handbook: New 3rd Edition Now Available in AustraliaNew Updated 2nd Edition Sales & Operations Planning is a powerful business planning process that integrates Sales & Marketing, Operations, Product Development and Finance. Tom Wallace describes how it works and lays out a detailed project plan for making it happen. Thomas F. Wallace. 2008.

Master Scheduling

For simplicity, speed, and success – Up and down the supply chain This book accomplishes two important tasks. First, it presents the fundamentals of Master Scheduling in a clear, concise and complete manner. It’s easy and simple to understand. Second, it explains the relationship between Master Scheduling and Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing and Efficient Consumer Response. It’s contemporary and up to date. Thomas F. Wallace & Robert A. Stahl. 2003

Sales Forecasting

A new approach This book represents a new – some may say a radical approach to forecasting. Thomas F. Wallace & Robert A. Stahl. 2002

Building to Customer Demand

A CD-Rom explaining how the leading edge companies like; Dell, Dow, HP & others ship a wide range of products quickly and effectively using the power of postponement Thomas F. Wallace & Robert A. Stahl. 2005

Sales & Operations Planning – A Visual Introduction – Compact Disc

Thomas F. Wallace. 2004

Procurement in the New World of Manufacturing

Compact Disc Robert A. Stahl. 2003.

Sales & Operations Planning

The Self-Audit Workbook Thomas F. Wallace. 2004

Sales & Operations Planning – The Executive’s Guide

An overview of the S&OP philosophy for the busy executive. Thomas F. Wallace & Bob A. Stahl

Lean Manufacturing – An Overview of essential Lean Concepts

Christopher Gray – Gray Research Chris Gray has written many books over the years including the classic “MRPII The Standard System”. This important CD -Rom goes through 26 key concepts.

Lean Standard System – With reference software

The Lean Standard System takes the reader through a methodical, practical application of Lean Material Control Systems. This resource provides a common sense, straightforward guide to one of the more challenging and difficult, yet rewarding aspects of Lean implementation Christopher Gray – Gray Research

Sales & Operations Planning Standard System – With reference software

I wish we had it at the start of our 5 Step S&OP project. It clearly outlines the relationships between the Demand, Production & Inventory Plans and how they impact each other as well as actions and decisions made by commercial, manufacturing, and finance groups: Deborra Ciocys FUJIFILM Imaging Christopher Gray – Gray research

The Right Choice – A complete guide to evaluating, selecting and installing effective manufacturing and supply chain application systems

This book contains decades of lessons learned stories from companies who have “chosen poorly” in software selection. Thirteen years ago, my team used the first edition of this book during our ERP selection; our decision proved to be a good one. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone responsible for selecting manufacturing and supply chain application systems Christopher Gray – Gray Research

Advanced Master Scheduling – Dealing with Products and Options

35 important technical issues for businesses with options on an easy to watch DVD. John Dougherty –

Master Scheduling

Learn about the basics of Master Production Scheduling on an easy to watch DVD

Sales & Operations Planning

Learn about the basics of Master Production Scheduling on an easy to watch DVD