About PHC

Phil Heenan Consulting specialises in solving manufacturing and distribution problems. If you have symptoms like; excess inventory, poor customer service, inflexible manufacturing processes, too much overtime and air freight, poor forecasts, inadequate safety stock strategies and too many products, we can help you. We achieve this by using proven implementation methodologies and business philosophies, educating and coaching your staff in the following areas:

  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process Managementt
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Lean Manufacturing / Synchronous Flow
  • People Empowerment
  • Customer Connectivity
  • Supplier Planning & Control
  • Performance Measurement

Our client list is a Who’s Who of Australasian firms. For them, we’ve produced real tangible and sustained operating results including: improved on time delivery, reduced working capital investments, reduced manufacturing costs, improved process flows, better forecast accuracy, enhanced company communication and coordination, and increased supply chain flexibility.

We help get results that are based on applying proven principles and methods – not the latest buzzword, software package, or “silver bullet”. In most cases, our clients use the computer and software systems they already had in place, upgrading to the proven techniques used by the leading companies in their respective markets. We deliver results fast – you can typically see a difference in weeks or months, not years. Changes across the organisation are reflected in real operating results, not fancy bound reports or the size of the cheque you write for consulting.

We are able to mentor and coach at all levels of an organization, being the voice of the project team to executive management, and the voice of executive management to the project team. By working with people across the organisation we can help define and implement solutions that have organisational buy-in – solutions that will truly work.

We have extensive experience in auditing and assessing performance, particularly in the area of sales and operations planning. Check out our product page for new checklists specifically designed for assessing the S&OP process.

About Phil Heenan, Managing Director

Phil Heenan, CFPIM, CSCP, has various Supply Chain, Operations, Purchasing and Logistics qualifications and has held various positions on the Australasian Production & Inventory Control Society since joining in 1978. He is in great demand for his practical education, management coaching and consulting services throughout the Asia Pacific region where he pioneered “Class A” S&OP and MRPII during the 1980s assisting management in dramatically improving profits and efficiencies.

His early career was in front line supervision where two of the companies he was associated with(Stafford-Ellinson & Jag Jeans) adopted the Lean approach to manufacturing which was totally against standard practice within Australia in the apparel industry. He was Group Logistics Manager for Red Tulip Chocolates and eventually The Beatrice Confectionery Group (which eventually became a division of Cadbury) where he worked for 14 years. As the Full Time MRPII/DRP Project Manager for Beatrice/Cadbury he was the first in Victoria to achieve the internationally awarded “Class A” MRPII award at Europe Health Foods. He was also the first to achieve “Class A” in Sales & Operations Planning in a multi-site environment; 8 companies, 9 plants and 5 distribution centres.

He started his consulting firm in 1988 and was a founding director of Oliver Wight Australia and an Oliver Wight Education Associate from 1988-1993.  He has been involved directly in over 35 “Class A” Accreditations, and indirectly a further 20, assisting companies or educating managers in Australia, Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand. His client list includes an enviable list of Best Practice, Australasian Manufacturers and Distributors however they still all achieved outstanding business and profit improvements through Phil’s experienced coaching and education.

In 1990 he wrote the chapter on how to implement “Class A” projects based on his experience at Beatrice in the Gower Handbook of Logistics Management edited by John Gattorna, recently republished. He also contributed to the S&OP Best Practices book by Dougherty & Gray and is mentioned in S&OP The How To Handbook by Wallace and Stahl. Phil speaks at many Conferences, including the APICS 2004 Conference held in San Diego, and the 2005 Symposium held in Melbourne Australia.

Many companies have publicly presented their journey with Phil to Class A and some of these may be viewed at within the articles and testimonials sections of this site.