Without Global Sales & Operations Planning, we would have been driven to reaction mode, which could have resulted in an increase in investment in new assets, a slow down in our launch plans, and/or missed demand opportunities.

Dan Gehring

Supply Chain Steward, Eli Lilly and Company

During the last four years, almost half of the company’s increase in earnings has come from Supply Chain savings: inventory down, manufacturing efficiency up, purchase and transportation costs down.
All of these are due to improved planning.

Ken Reiff

The Scotts Company

Consultant, Phil Heenan, from Phil Heenan Consulting P/L was the guiding hand which
directed Sterling Winthrop to its MRP II Class A success.
MRP II Special report, our sterling achievement

Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals

It was decided to change the way that McPherson’s did business. McPherson’s had the MRP II software, but we lacked the knowledge to implement. We needed guidance and contacted Phil Heenan from Phil Heenan Consulting and after much discussion, we agreed to implement MRP II.

McPherson’s Housewares

Consultant Phil Heenan was instrumental in helping Ciba-Geigy Australia’s Polymers Division achieve the organizational changes needed to compete in the turbulent decade ahead. “Phil had an important part in steering us in the right direction for achieving our Class A MRP II target,” “He made sure we didn’t stray and kept us on track.”

Robert Farrugia

MRP II Project Manager, Ciba-Geigy Polymers

I don’t think we could have achieved Class A without our consultant. Phil Heenan, our Class A MRPII consultant, helped guide the firm through the challenging task of implementing Class A standards at not one, but eleven, manufacturing plants. Even after achieving Class A, Kraft managers continued to rely on our experienced consultants. What they bring to the party nowadays is their experience. They’re able to share the good ideas that we wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.

Richard Ridgwell

MRP II Project Manager, Kraft Foods Limited

Phil Heenan was appointed after significant investigation as the expert facilitator for this project. Phil Had worked to achieve Class A status for Sterling Winthrop Australia and had worked for many years as a consultant for the Oliver Wight organisation. He had been involved in 26 Class A implementations within the Asia/Pacific region and was a founding director of Oliver Wight Australia consulting/educating whilst with them. Phil was also the first Australian Project manager to receive the prestigious Class A award in MRP II/DRP and is very well qualified in Logistics Management and a Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management.

Smith & Nephew Australia

Planning and control was an obvious starting point. We recognised that we needed to develop some systems and processes for managing the various operational aspects of our business. We also recognised that we needed some external assistance with this process.  After a review of a couple of external aid options, we concluded that Phil Heenan (Phil Heenan Consulting) was a good fit for our culture and his flexible results-oriented approach would see him work well with the key stakeholders. Phil has considerable experience with Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), associated tools and techniques and training and I certainly recommend his service.

Peter McCormick


It was great that Phil shared his experience working with other companies to help us understand the concepts in the module. He was very good at explaining the complicated calculations in a way
which was simple and easy to understand. His working experience in the supply chain and consulting areas added great value to my learning experience and made it more interesting.


Pacific Brands Limited