S&OP Model

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) has emerged as an essential set of management tools in this age of global operations, supply chains that extend half a world away, and increasingly demanding

customers. Its primary component – Executive S&OP – has rightfully been called “top management’s handle on the business”. Sales & Operations Planning, The Executive’s Guide, by Tom Wallace & Bob Stahl.

And now, for the first time in Australia, a qualification is available for S&OP participants to prove their knowledge.


We are currently conducting Public, Private and Online S&OP Certification courses around the country. 

These workshops are designed to educate managers on the basics of S&OP and to prepare people for the CS&OP exam if that is a goal.

Practitioners not concerned with certification but simply wanting to benefit from best practice S&OP processes and principles taught in the course are welcome.

An apicsAU Certificate of Attendance will be issued to these attendees.


If you are interested in attending these courses
and obtaining CS&OP.

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