Was Kraft Foods the largest Class A MRPII project in Australia?

In early 1990, Kraft Food Limited’s eleven Australian food production plants confronted several problems familiar to manufacturers around the world – high inventories, chaotic scheduling, poor forecasting accuracy, weak communication and ineffective planning.

Kraft’s senior managers were determined to reverse this situation and make their plants competitive in the global marketplace. “We wanted to provide a basis on which we could move into Total Quality Manufacturing,” says Dick Ridgwell, MRP II Project Manager. (more…)

S&OP, MRPII/ERP and Lean in the Rice Industry

Agribusiness in Australia can be a very challenging business environment given the harsh and varying climatic conditions that companies in Australia are required to handle.  From the high’s of a record crop size of 1.7 million tonnes, to the low’s of 300 000 tonnes and the worst drought in 100 years within a two year period.  These are some of the extremes that SunRice has had to manage in recent times, at the same time being able to achieve a record per tonne paddy return to growers.  How has SunRice been able to successfully and effectively manage the business to ensure the ongoing success of the company? (more…)

Sales & Operations Planning – How do you rate?

Article from IT Magazine on S&OP and Lean

Without doubt two of the hottest business practices around at the moment are:

  • “Class A” Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and
  • Lean Manufacturing

A simple “yahoo” search reveals the enormous number of companies implementing S&OP and Lean, and the benefits they are actually obtaining.  There is even an S&OP specific “self-assessment” checklist for companies to do their own evaluation.  Let’s discuss Lean in a future article and focus on S&OP for this article. (more…)