We provide specialist education, auditing and coaching services to organisations wishing to improve Sales & Operations Planning and Associated Processes and Performance Measures. We undertake major projects that totally transform businesses or work on specific problem areas. When auditing organisations, we use the S&OP Checklist developed by Tom Wallace and Bob Stahl or the Bill Belt Checklist for Manufacturing Excellence that addresses Integrated Planning as well as Lean.


  • S&OP and Associated Processes and Measures
  • S&OP, Associated Processes and Lean
  • Forecasting and Demand Management
  • Master Scheduling and Capacity Planning
  • S&OP process
  • Product Range Review
  • Safety Stock Review


  • S&OP and Associated Processes and Measures
  • Demand Management and Forecasting
  • Master Scheduling and Capacity Planning
  • Public or in-house
  • Our courses are backed up by texts written by some of the pioneers in MRPII, ERP, S&OP, Master Scheduling, Demand Management, Software Standards, and Continuous Improvement through Lean Thinking.


  • All levels of management
  • Long or short term engagements
  • Process
  • Implementation