Sales Forecasting and Demand Management – 1 Day



In-Person Workshop | 1 Day | 9:00 am

Current dates : Oct 1, 2018

This course will provide you with a step by step approach to achieving improvements in your forecasting process, the mistakes to avoid and sure-fire approaches that will reduce your forecasting effort.

Accountabilities and cross-functional links will be discussed to enable you to assess the quality of your current processes against world-class checklists.

Options on “where to meet the customer” will also be addressed, including the strategies associated with setting safety stocks, your product offering and a way of simulating stock levels.



Practitioners in medium to large businesses involved in:

□ Setting Safety Stocks or Strategic Stocks
□ Achieving high Customer Service levels
□ Managing and reducing inventories
□ Forecasting Activities
□ Sales and Marketing personnel involved in forecasts
□ Demand and Distribution Management involved in DRP
□ New product introduction staff
□ Product Portolio & Business rationalisation
□ Master Scheduling
□ Pre-S&OP or S&OP processes

□ Understand the Demand Management process
□ Acquire the knowledge of basic and advanced Forecasting techniques and approaches
□ Determine which techniques and approaches are applicable to your organisation
□ Develop what is needed to put them in place, and how they will impact other functional areas of the company.
□ Create a plan to improve forecast accuracy and customer service levels
□ Evaluate alternative forecasting and safety stock approaches

□ Aggregate Forecasting for Sales & Operations Planning
□ Forecasting, order entry & Forecast accuracy approaches
□ Developing forecasts using different algorithms
□ How to identify & stamp out deliberate Forecast inaccuracy
□ Reinvigorating your product range; Is that business worth the effort?
□ Why new products fail & one way to fix it
□ Implementing Safety Stock strategies using effective, proven approaches such as:
– Simple Pareto
– Complex Pareto
– Statistical
□ Using the ABC approach to quickly simulate inventory levels
□ The link to operations and purchasing
□ Performance Measurement issues
□ Best Practice checklists

GS1 Australia Knowledge and Event Centre
8 Nexus Court Mulgrave, Victoria.

Workshop leader:

Phil Heenan, CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CS&OP.
Phil Heenan has been educating and coaching practitioners in companies throughout the Asia Pacific region and working with the S&OP creators from around the world since 1985 showing organisations how to increase profits by attaining best practice in S&OP and Supply Chain Management. He is a contributing author to the Handbook of Supply Chain & Logistics Management and S&OP Best Practices book. He was the first person in Australia to receive the CS&OP and the first person in Victoria to receive Class A MRPII.

This is an interactive seminar where practical
examples will be presented and discussed for
use within your own company.

The emphasis will be on teamwork, not formulas; forecast less, not more;
focus on process improvement, not forecast accuracy.

Additional information

Course dates

Oct 1, 2018 at 9:00am

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