Certified in Sales & Operations Planning (CS&OP)



In-Person Workshop | 2 Day | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Current Dates : 22 – 23 January, 2018

S&OP Certification validates your expertise in a set of decision-making processes to balance demand and supply, to integrate financial planning and operational planning, and to link high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations.  S&OP has emerged as an essential management tool in this age of rapid change, increasingly demanding customers, and supply chains that extend half a world away. It’s rightfully been called “Top Management’s handle on the business.”

Phil Heenan will take you through the A, B, C of the S&OP process and guide you with tips on taking and passing the S&OP Certification exam if you wish to take the additional step of gaining the CS&OP qualification. If you do not wish to sit the exam you will still benefit from attending this course.



S&OP is highly cross-functional and multi-level. Therefore, attendance is encouraged for people at the manager, director, and executive levels in sales/marketing, operations/supply chain, procurement, HR, ERP project team members and finance.

The Basics –

  • Where S&OP fits in the company
    – Who’s involved
    – Top Management, Sales, Supply Chain Planning, New Product Development,
    – Marketing, Operations, Procurement, HR & Finance
  • S&OP’s basic logic
  • Relationship with other tools & processes
  • How the information is displayed
  • The monthly decision-making process
  • The benefits from S&OP based on actual case studied from the “S&OP Best Practices” book
    by Dougherty & Gray
  • Principles and “Radical” thoughts on Sales Forecasting
  • Demand Planning
  • New Products
  • Supply Planning

Implementation –

  • The ABCs of Implementation
  • Software for S&OP
  • Data and Process
  • Change Management
  • How to involve Top Management
  • The Implementation Methodology: steps, players, pilot
  • Re-implementation: fixing a broken process

Beyond the Basics-

  • Global S&OP
  • S&OP and Lean Manufacturing
  • S&OP and Risk Management
  • S&OP-based Cash Flow Projections
  • How S&OP supports the Supply Chain with highly constrained suppliers
  • Forecasting and planning for highly seasonal products
  • Highly recommended texts by the creators and thought leaders in S&OP


  • Learn about the latest developments in the Sales & Operations Planning process
  • Become a certified practitioner of S&OP.
  • Achieve recognition for your professional S&OP skill set.
  • Build a certified team of professional S&OP experts.
  • Establish your professional credential in the art of strategic S&OP.
  • Review advanced S&OP concepts such as IBP and Breakthrough S&OP.
  • Attain credits towards your Supply Chain recognition.

GS1 Australia Knowledge and Event Centre

8 Nexus Court Mulgrave, Victoria.

Attendees interested in sitting the online exam must register with the S&OP Institute directly, pay the $US495 fee, and arrange a suitable time to sit the exam in the comfort of your own office or at home.

The S&OP Certification exam was written primarily by Tom Wallace, with input from other professionals in the field. When you pass this exam, you will be designated as Certified in Sales & Operations Planning and authorised to use the acronym CS&OP following your name.

Studying for the exam reinforces your understanding of S&OP, and receiving CS&OP provides the entry to an elite group of S&OP practitioners.

Becoming S&OP Certified helps you to:

Assist your company in improving; profits, customer service, inventory turns, financial planning, new product launches, supply chain performance and more – via the increased effectiveness of its S&OP processes.  Evaluate your current S&OP processes rigorously and identify areas for improvement.  Introduce best practice S&OP processes into your organisation. Become a more valued player in
your business. Enhance your professional stature and hence your future.  S&OP Certification is a joint activity of the Centre for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University headed up by Dr. Peter Ward, and The S&OP Institute led by Mel Nelson and Sue Nelson.

Classes designed specifically to prepare people for the CS&OP exam can be held throughout the region.

Contact Phil Heenan here if you would like to run this in-house for your S&OP team.


Workshop leader:

Phil Heenan, CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CS&OP.
Phil Heenan has been educating and coaching practitioners in companies throughout the Asia Pacific region and working with the S&OP creators from around the world since 1985 showing organisations how to increase profits by attaining best practice in S&OP and Supply Chain Management. He is a contributing author to the Handbook of Supply Chain & Logistics Management and S&OP Best Practices book. He was the first person in Australia to receive the CS&OP and the first person in Victoria to receive Class A MRPII.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your understanding of S&OP and be recognised for your knowledge and expertise.

Learn about the latest developments in the Sales & Operations Planning process.

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Course dates

22 – 23 January, 2018