Certified in Sales & Operations Planning 2015 courses August 5 and August 12.

July 3rd, 2014

If you would like to learn about S&OP and consider obtaining the S&OP qualification through the SOP Institute then I will be facilitating the course in Sydney on August 5 and the second course in Melbourne on August 11. Contact the Sydney or Melbourne apicsAU offices to register. This course is also available on an in-house basis.


This course is designed specifically to prepare people for the CS&OP exam with a view to becoming Certified in Sales and Operations Planning.

Practitioners not concerned with certification but simply wanting to benefit from best practice S&OP processes and principles taught in the course are welcome.  An apicsAU Certificate of attendance will be issued to these attendees.


S&OP is cross-functional and collaborative.  To be effective, it involves Sales/Marketing, Operations/Supply Chain, Product Development, Finance and General Management.  The course is therefore beneficial to people from these functional areas.  It will be particularly beneficial to those involved in: 

S&OP Processes


Achieving High Customer Service

Managing and reducing inventory

Sales and Marketing

Demand and Distribution Management

New Product Introduction

Master Scheduling

Setting Safety Stocks


 S&OP defined – what is it?

Where does S&OP fit in the company – who is involved?

Quantifying the benefits of S&OP

S&OP basic logic – understanding the relationship with other tools and processes

A better way – addressing information display

 Defining the process for decision making

 Demand planning principles and radical thoughts

 Managing demand and new product introduction

Mastering supply planning

Pre-Meeting and Executive Meeting Management

–  Clarifying the purpose and identifying the players

–  Addressing conflict

–  Identifying key success factors for executive meetings

 Optimising S&OP for risk management and disruption

Effective S&OP principles

–  Basics principles

–  Managing people and corporate behavioural change

–  Defining a three phase implementation path

Fixing broken S&OP processes


By mastering the S&OP Processes that are covered in this Certificate, you will be able to:

Assist your company improve customer service, inventory turns, financial planning, new product launches, forecasting, supply chain performance and more

Evaluate your current S&OP processes rigorously and identify areas for improvement

Introduce best practice S&OP processes into your operation

Become a more valued team member

 Improve your professional credentials and recognition for future career investment



This course is designed to support students in mastering the content that is tested in the S&OP Certification exam.  apicAU is an authorised educator for the Institute in Australia.  Further course material and the CS&OP examination need to be purchased directly from the Institute. 

The Certified in Sales & Operations Planning designation is awarded by The S&OP Institute and the Centre for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University.  The Certificate is International and an individual successfully passing the S&OP Certification Exam will be designated as Certified in Sales & Operations Planning and authorised to use the designation CS&OP following his or her name.


REGISTRATION FORM: S&OP Certification course –rsvp by 24 JULY 2015

To register, fax to apicsAU on 03 9328 1100, email to victoria@apicsau.org.au or call 03 9328 4477 for more information. RSVP


* Please note non-member rates include 1 year apicsAU Professional membership

All registrations will be acknowledged by email. Please note cancellations cannot be processed within 10 days of the course.





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