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June 6th, 2013



Sales & Operations Planning –

At last a qualification

By Phil Heenan  CS&OP, CFPIM, CSCP

It is exciting to see Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) finally getting the traction in the marketplace it deserves, to the point that we now even have a qualification – Certified in Sales & Operations Planning (CS&OP).

According to Tom Wallace, he did not invent S&OP; he gives that credit to Dick Ling who wrote the first book “Orchestrating Success” and, more recently, “Breakthrough Sales & Operations Planning: How successful is your business?”

 This latest book is having a profound impact on how to implement S&OP and its “checklist” focuses 80% on behaviours whereas previous “checklists” focused 80% on processes. Teaming up with Ling-Coldrick last year to assist a major FMCG company approach S&OP in this way, the power of the approach outlined in this latest S&OP book became tangible.  I recommend you get a copy for HR and the MD and contact me if you would like me to assess your S&OP process against this set of behavioural benchmarks.

At the 2011 APICS Conference in Pittsburgh Tom Wallace acknowledged that although he may not have invented S&OP, he was certainly at the birth! And today he is the most prolific writer in the world on the subject. This is why it is fantastic news that he, in conjunction with The S&OP Institute and The Centre for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University, has developed the Certificate in Sales and Operations Planning and the materials and exams that support the qualification.

I can thoroughly recommend you attend the CS&OP preparation courses being held around the country, read the recommended “Wallace & Stahl” texts and sit the exam. Not only will it increase your knowledge of S&OP and deliver real benefits to your company, it will enhance your S&OP credentials should you pass the exam.

Phil Heenan will be facilitating a series of one day training programs through apicsAU to assist practitioners master the concepts covered in the certificate and tested in the exam.  Phil was the first person to obtain the CS&OP designation in Australia and has been working with recognised S&OP though leaders since 1985. Over the years he has teamed up with Dick Ling, Andy Coldrick (who pioneered S&OP in Australia), Tom Wallace & Bob Stahl (authors of over a dozen books/DVDs)to assist companies successfully implement S&OP to Best Practice levels. Andy Coldrick was also Phil’s consultant at Beatrice Confectionery and was awarded the first Class A in Victoria.

Contact apicsAU for further details |  www.apicsau.org.au


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