1 Day session on sales forecasting, demand management & S&OP October 1 at GS1 Melbourne.

August 8th, 2017


1 Day Session scheduled for October 1 starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm. Venue: GS1 –  8 Nexus Court Mulgrave, Victoria 3170.

 The processes, the people and the performance measures. 


Practitioners in medium to large businesses involved in:

□ Setting Safety Stocks or Strategic Stocks

□ Achieving high Customer Service levels

□ Managing and reducing inventories

□ Forecasting Activities

□ Sales and Marketing personnel involved in forecasts

□ Demand and Distribution Management involved in DRP

□ New product introduction staff

□ Product Portolio & Business rationalisation

□ Master Scheduling

□ Pre-S&OP or S&OP processes


This course will provide you with a step by step approach to achieving improvements in your forecasting process, the mistakes to avoid and sure fire approaches that will reduce your forecasting effort.

Accountabilities and cross functional links will be discussed to enable you to assess the quality of your current processes against world class checklists.

Options on “where to meet the customer” will also be addressed, including the strategies associated with setting safety stocks, your product offering and a way of simulating stock levels.


□ Understand the Demand Management process

□ Acquire the knowledge of basic and advanced Forecasting techniques and approaches

□ Determine which techniques and approaches are applicable to your organisation

□ Develop what is needed to put them in place, and how they will impact other functional areas of the company.

□ Create a plan to improve forecast accuracy and customer service levels

□ Evaluate alternative forecasting and safety stock approaches


This is an interactive seminar where practical examples will be presented and discussed for use within your own company.

The emphasis will be on teamwork, not formulas; forecast less, not more; focus on process improvement, not forecast accuracy.


□ Aggregate Forecasting for Sales & Operations Planning

□ Forecasting, order entry & Forecast accuracy approaches

□ Developing forecasts using different algorithms

□ How to identify & stamp out deliberate Forecast inaccuracy

□Reinvigorating your product range; Is that business worth the effort? 

□Why new products fail & one way to fix it

□ Implementing Safety Stock strategies using effective, proven approaches such as:

– Simple Pareto 

– Complex Pareto 

– Statistical 

□ Using the ABC approach to quickly simulate inventory levels

□ The link to operations and purchasing

□ Performance Measurement issues

□ Best Practice checklists


Phil Heenan, CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CS&OP, has various Supply Chain, Operations, Purchasing and Logistics qualifications and has held various positions on the Australasian Production & Inventory Control Society since joining. He is in great demand for his practical education, management coaching and consulting services throughout the Asia Pacific region where he pioneered S&OP and “Class A” MRPII, assisting management in dramatically reducing inventories, increasing customer service levels, whilst improving profits and efficiencies.

He was Group Logistics Manager for The Beatrice Confectionery Group where he worked for 14 years. As the Full Time MRPII/DRP Project Manager for Beatrice he was the first in Victoria to achieve the internationally awarded “Class A” MRPII award at Europe Health Foods. He was also the first to achieve “Class A” in Sales & Operations Planning in a multi-site environment; 9 companies, 9 plants and 27 distribution centres.

He was a founding director of Oliver Wight Australia and an Oliver Wight Education Associate from 1988-1993.  He has been involved directly in over 35 “Class A” Accreditations, and indirectly a further 20, assisting companies or educating managers in Australia, Japan, Korea, China, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand. His client list includes an enviable list of Best Practice, Australasian Manufacturers and Distributors however they still all achieved outstanding business and profit improvements through Phil’s experienced coaching and education.

In 1990 he wrote the chapter on how to implement “Class A” DRP/S&OP based on his experience at Beatrice in the Gower Handbook of Logistics Management edited by John Gattorna. He also contributed to the S&OP Best Practices book by Dougherty & Gray and is mentioned in “S&OP The How To Handbook” by Wallace and Stahl. Phil speaks at many Conferences, including the APICS 2004 Conference held in San Diego, and the 2005 Symposium held in Melbourne Australia.

Many companies have publicly presented their journey with Phil and some of these may be viewed in the “articles and testimonials” sections at www.heenan.com.au

FEE: $745 for class.

LOCATION: GS1 Australia Knowledge and Event Centre. 8 Nexus Court, Mulgrave, Victoria 3149.

Commencing at 9am and concluding at 5pm.

Contact phil@heenan.com.au to register.

Mobile: 0418130175




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